Brighten Your Day

Simple, Beautiful Things

February 17, 2022 Lisa Hylton Season 3 Episode 3
Brighten Your Day
Simple, Beautiful Things
Show Notes

Today, we talk about simple, beautiful things that give us joy. I share thoughts about the music from a movie I recently watched and describe the antics of my daughter's beloved stuffed bunny, FooFoo. My guest is someone I have known half my life, Jenny Crutchlow. Jenny and I were roommates in graduate school and friends who pursued our musical dreams in New York City. Jenny speaks on the things in her life that give her happiness. 

Additional information from today's show: 

The Godmother and the Godson (Season 1, Episode 9) where you get podcasts
-  The trailer for Seeking a Friend for the End of the World  is on
-  Herb Alpert's This Guy's in Love With You  on
-  Listen to The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies on
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by The Hollies is on
-  FooFoo's adventures are documented by Clarke on
-  The cookbook is Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Fast and Slow
-  Check out Jenny's favorite Earl Grey tea at MariageFrè De rien! 
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