Brighten Your Day

At the Beach by the Sea

February 24, 2022 Lisa Hylton Season 3 Episode 4
Brighten Your Day
At the Beach by the Sea
Show Notes

This week I talk about a wonderful trip my husband and I take each winter to the Oregon Coast. Just the two of us. This time to a town we don't just pass through. My guest is longtime friend Amy Johnson, the vice chancellor for student affairs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Amy shares what life has been like in academia during the COVID-19 pandemic. The things that brighten Amy's day now have been a part of her life for a long time. 

Additional information from today's show: 

-  Learn more about Depoe Bay, Oregon at
-  Check out the perfectly located
-  Get the view from "The Knoll" without making the climb at
-  The Chocolate Frog in Lincoln City, Oregon can be found on
-  Carla Rockmore or Carrie Bradshaw?! Carla rocks fashion on
-  Amy works for
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