Brighten Your Day

Worldwide Positivity Ripples

April 07, 2022 Lisa Hylton Season 3 Episode 10
Brighten Your Day
Worldwide Positivity Ripples
Show Notes

A celebration and some news after a year of podcasting positivity! Thank you for making this journey possible. All episodes will remain on your favorite podcast platform, and you can also hear them on Capital Community Media's 98.3 KMWV Radio in Salem, Oregon on Sundays. 

Additional information from today's show: 

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-  Lisa's book, Positively This: Practice-based Evidence for More Happiness and Well-being in Life, is due out in 2023. Find on
-  The Martin Luther King Jr. quote is from the Methodist Student Leadership Conference Address. Lincoln, Nebraska. 1964. 
-  You can always reach Lisa Hylton, ACC, at