Brighten Your Day

Life's Highway Has Many Off-ramps

November 11, 2021 Lisa Hylton Season 2 Episode 7
Brighten Your Day
Life's Highway Has Many Off-ramps
Show Notes

This week I delve into affinity spaces (sounds serious but is pretty cool) and send out an SOS for a clean oven. My guest is Erin Molyneaux, business owner, philanthropist, and active member in the Salem, Oregon community. Being a successful business owner is not just about the financial bottom line; it is about making a contribution to your community in meaningful ways. 

Additional information from today's show: 

-  Amor Towles' book is The Lincoln Highway
Decluttering and Drinks (Season 2, Episode 2) where you get podcasts
-  Erin's business is at
-  This year is the 25th anniversary of Salem Leadership Foundation
-  Helping the homeless in Salem is
-  Check out the innovative Career Technical Education Center (CTEC)
-  Lisa Hylton, ACC, can be reached: HyltonLisaB [at]