Brighten Your Day

A Silent Night (and Pugs)

December 23, 2021 Lisa Hylton Season 2 Episode 13
Brighten Your Day
A Silent Night (and Pugs)
Show Notes

Christmas is here! I recently took Aria and my mom to the Eugene Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker. I have some thoughts on that. Also, we made the decision to bring home a pug sometime in late 2022. Everyone is excited...even Clarke.

Finally, rather than a give-and-take with a guest, I invited Aria and Clarke to join me for a rendition of Silent Night. Clarke accompanies me on ukulele, and Aria sings the first verse with me. This was my dad's favorite Christmas carol, and I know this would make him smile. May the holiday season bring you hope, love, joy, and peace. 

Additional information from today's show: 

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